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Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste
Lindsay McCallum
Impressive difference!

A really effective product which supported a talented, but very sensitive young thoroughbred through a complete change of lifestyle - having come out of racing pretty unhappy! He has already won his first BD tests and looking every inch an event horse in the making in his jump schooling.

Cavalor Pianissimo
Sarah Reilly
Cavalor piannisimo

I used cavalor 17 years ago when it came in a yellow bag. I had a hunter that didn't hold weight and it did wonders . Since then I've now tried it on my mare I bought her in a state underweight and rainscald. She has such a shine now and is looking fab .

Super product

Love this fibre based feed with safe formulation for equine metabolic issues. Giving energy safely without compromising muscle and hoof health.

Amazing feed

Game changing feed, great for hydration & horses love it

Take it easy forte

Super product, does exactly what we need and my horse loves the taste so it’s easy to administer.


Helped our treasured little Shetland overcome a nasty bout of lami. Will definitely be including in her daily feed going forward

It is working

Unfortunately my 7yrs old mare ate 20Kg plus of her feed balancer in 45 minutes 6 weeks ago and she went down with laminitis. She has bounced back since I have been using both Laminaid and the PodoSens. I will be using both products as a prevention.

Thank you very much

Cavalor Kick Up
Maralyn Fichte
Kick Up

Kick Up gave my horse the additional energy needed for Competition- a great product

Cavalor Laminaid
Rachel Gilbert
It works!

I decided to try laminaid after my laminitic pony started to go footy despite strict grazing, feed, weight and exercise management. I had seen the product a few months before. Within 3 days I could see that she was improving. I plan to keep her on the maintenance dose for now and wish that I had seen laminaid 2 years ago when she foundered. I am also using the Podosens oil which is lovely!


This actually works!!! And it smells nice 😊 I can still smell it on the horses over 12 hours later. Will definitely be buying again. Just wish there was a refill / larger bottle.

Cavalor Take It Easy Forte
Kirstine Douglas
Take it Easy

Works a treat.

Cavalor Muscle Motion
Ellie Woodward
Muscle motion

Bought for a showjumper who struggles with tying up and has made a huge difference to her looseness in work and haven’t had any issues since! Noticeably better performance compared to when feeding other supplements for the same issue so very impressed. Delivery also very quick and securely packaged. Overall great product and great service 👍

Cavalor Vitamino - Muscle Building Supplement

Love this product!

I researched the best conditioner and found an excellent review for Cavalor on Horse and Hound. The spray is long lasting and really does the trick. I've got shiny, happy ponies!


Great communication with order, speedy delivery. Love the oil and surprisingly easy to syringe the Shetland! Seems to be doing very well on it and will definitely continue going forward.
Little Betty will be back to pony club in no time! Thank you

Cavalor Take it Easy
Olivia Commins
Fantastic product!

Worked really well on my young horse at his first big show. It helped calmed the nervous energy but he still had the power to perform

Cavalor Derma Wash
jenny wright
Derma wash is great

I used derma wash on my horse's legs as they are currently shedding very long hair and are quite scurfy. It helped remove the scurf and loose hair and his white feathers looked great afterwards. He has sensitive skin and it didn't irritate it at all. A great product.

Cavalor Bianco Wash
jenny wright
Bianco wash is fab

Bianco wash is amazing. I used it on my horse's white tail. It looked fabulous and shiny afterwards. Several people commented on how great it looked and some purchased some as well and also love it 😍

Miracle feed!

Absolutely blown away by the improvement in my mare in such a short time! After a prolonged illness and intense steroid prescription I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep weight on her.
Started using Cavalor four weeks ago and the improvement is incredible. Gem is brighter and happier, and continues to improve. All of her blood results have improved- highly recommend. Gem is no longer all tucked up and is much more comfortable.

Cavalor Silhouette

Like the paper packaging.
Ideal to use in trickle feeder and for clicker training.
Pony loves it,
looks well and moves well with good energy levels.
Wish I could obtain locally.

Cavalor Colostra
Ben Cousins

First class customer service.

Cavalor Muscle Fit
Tracey Jordan
Amazing Product

Muscle Fit is a staple on our shelves in the yard. We wouldn't be without it. The high level training the dressage horses do it just keeps their muscles supple and stops them from getting tight. Amazing stuff, 5 stars all-round from us.


Fantastic product that keeps my horses hooves in perfect condition.

Vitamino - 10/10 - New Staple

I have been feeding Cavalor products for over a decade so I’m already wholly dedicated to the brand. In this instance, I felt I needed to adjust my feeding for a particular youngster. I received conscientious, thorough and prompt advice from Rob. It took less than two weeks of feeding (at the minimum requirement for a horse in work as a supplement to his Pianissimo) for me to notice a difference. The product helped achieve exactly what I wanted - helped build muscle all over with no change in attitude (using on a 4yo stallion in the midst of breeding season so this was a big concern!). I will continue using this product indefinitely.

Cavalor Fiber Beet Mash
Elizabeth Hughes
Another great Cavalor product!

This is a great product- highly palatable and appetising. The horses have never looked or felt better.