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Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste
Emma Woolliscroft

My horse was showing signs of ulcers but due to already having them treated in the past (prior to me having him) he was not insured to have them investigated. He was very unhappy in his work, very stressed and wasn’t keeping condition on. I decided to give the Cavalor Gastro Aid paste a go and wow! Within 2 days of him being on the paste he was back to his old self! He’s now finished his 2 week course of the paste and has started on the maintenance supplements. Fantastic product. Makes me wonder why people spend thousands going down the vet route! Thank you Cavalor!

Does what it says

Great product, easy to use, very Effective

Cavalor FiberForce
Pam Clingan
Life Saver

Thank you Cavalor for your great Fibre Force product. I used several of your products in combination, throughout my 26 year old ponys’ recent severe bout of laminitis due to Cushings/EMS. These products I believe were all life savers. I cannot tell you how close we came to having him pts. 6 months on, he has grown a new hoof under the old one and we hope he continues great progress, fingers crossed. This product will remain one of my staples at our Connemara Stud. Thank you.

Sorry not helped my horse , think he has a bigger problem.

So far so good

Arrived on time, big tub so good value, horses eating it well but too early to see results

Cavalor Hepato Liq
Sarah Fraser
Love it

Love this product and highly recommend. Perfect Heath booster


I think this made my horse more comfortable but he really didn't like the taste!

Cavalor Star Shine
Nicola, Newbury
Great product

Smells nice and makes tail brushing much quicker and easier, without much hair loss. Would recommend.

Very happy customer and more important happy healthy horse

Since using caval hoof aid special teddy’s feet have really improved hoof harder easier to nail shoes on and doesn’t take half foot of when loosing shoe and thanks to the patience of office staff when doing my order by phone

Cavalor Lactatec Powder
Elizabeth Hughes
Superb product

This product is an essential for multiple day shows or periods of intense training- the horses come out super loose and comfortable every session. Wouldn’t be without it! Another Cavalor essential for maintaining the horses to their very best.

Cavalor Flyless
Tracy Caldwell
Good riddance to flies!

As per all of Cavalor's products, a little goes a long way and it works!

Cavalor Star Shine
Tracy Caldwell
Long lasting shine

This product smells fabulous and a small application lasts several days, unlike similar products on the market!

Cavalor Take it Easy
charlotte cundall

Cavalor Take it Easy

Cavalor Calm
Sara Thornett

This is the only calmer that has made a difference! We have tried many! Our mare is chestnut! Selle Francais, hot, sharp and very talented but tension and nerves gets the better of her in the dressage. We had a 42.8 dressage before we tried Calm and 27 on the next outing, she was relaxed and ridable double clear for 3rd!

Cavalor Switch
Andrew Orchard Potter
The best on the market

Does actually what it’s made for, stopped my mare itching her mane out from day 1, she now has a full mane back in just days.
This product is definitely the best on the market.

Cavalor - the best

Ordered 2 weeks ago from Cavalor direct and received my package in less than 3 days -fast and safe. Highly recommended

Cavalor Calm
Sally F

Not usually one for feeding calmers but used this product and the syringes for a horse nervous travelling and the difference was phenomenal. Really impressed.

Cavalor FiberForce
Lea Beasley
Fiber force

All my horses love it, all watching waistline.

Cavalor Hepato Liq
Mary Anderson
Great seasonal coat change product

Every time our horse changed coats,he had a noticable dip in energy and performance.We now use Hepato each time,and as usual with Cavalor, immediately noticed a difference. Another great product


To actually visibly notice a difference in your horses health and suppleness from using a product is rare. Would not be without it. Highly recommended

Cavalor dry feet

If only I found this product years ago . Amazing.

Cavalor LaminAid
Chloe Sadler
Pony suffers with Laminitis and has EMS

Since starting laminaid Henry has returned to 8 hrs turnout and now is back in just normal shoes. Very happy

Cavalor Take it Easy
Kirstine Douglas

Great service and products

Cavalor FiberForce
Carole Ogden-Pickering
Cavalor Fibre Force

We have a really fussy eater so I wasn’t hopeful! From the first day of feeding this the bowl was clean. A little bit goes a long way, makes her chew her feed rather than boltIng it, and she’s a lot happier for it.

Fab product

Love cavalier dry feet one of my cobs has been struggling with thrush for a while and this has cleared it up in a couple of weeks really easy to use and does the job