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Cavalor Fibre Force

Have been feeding this to my insulin resistant pony for approximately 6 months. He’s never really enjoyed hard feed, opting for his hay. He loves this and it has all the balanced vitamins and minerals in it he needs. At only 8% starch and sugar, A great feed for all his requirements without the addition of anything else except forage. His coat is really shiny even in winter. Would recommend this product.

Another fabulous Cavalor product!

I purchased this on advice to help an older horse add strength and muscle while stepping up work. I can only say he looks an absolute picture. It has helped him build muscle and strength in work without making him sharp or indeed adding extra calories! Another brilliant Cavalor product that does exactly what it says on the bag!

Amazing, works wonders.

This product has made my mare look so mature and muscled up in just 3 weeks, alongside the correct exercise.

Also, such great, speedy customer service!

Laminaid and fibre force.

I have a pony who is insulin resistant and suffers with cold induced laminitis. My farrier recommended this product and this is now the second time I’ve used it.
The first time I would say I noticed a vast improvement within 2 weeks, not sure whether the product worked or not but thought it had helped. This time he’s much better after 10 days and moving around his stable much easier. No bute or any other aids have been used. I definitely now knowthis works. I will also add that I have been using the fibre force feed for approximately 6 months now and also find that a good product.
Thank you so much for developing this products to help owners with equines with these issues. Would definitely recommend these products and will continue to use them.
Thanks for your time and patience when I rang for advice also.

Excellent Service and Product!

Really happy with this product and the service is fantastic!!!

Always great service

Great products and service

Very handy to have around!

Easy to use and a perfect accompaniment to Lurax Cream.

Wonder cream!

This cream is amazing. Just the right consistency so it stays where you put it and keeps the area protected and clean. Does what it says on the tin and you can’t ask for more than that.


Good product for my horse’s arthritic joints, and all very helpful at the store.

Ace !

Use it with my 18yo Warmblood, he’s definitely improved and got back to his normal self on this feed - all the right stuff in the feed for his old self it’s great! Great price for great food - no supplements needed!

Seems to be helping to settle her tummy.

Our very fussy Event Mare has taken to this feed well and it seems to be having a good effect on settling her tummy. Its early days yet as its a recent change to this feed but so far so good and I will be ordering more.

Great product

I started my hot headed horse on the paste as he’d come back in to fairly heavy work after lockdown and, can be a little bit ‘marish’. I spoke with Robert as I wasn’t really sure whether my horse ‘needed’ any support and he advised I’d know if there was any benefit based on my explanation of my boy quite quickly. Well on day 3, I was able to brush my boys back legs without them fidgety and, he was being much more cuddly like he used to be. So, I purchased the 2nd box and ran with just 1 syringe a day for 12 days.
I was so pleased with my pony (who actually looked forward to the paste!) I went on to purchase the powder to give his gut that bit longer / extra support.

I would definitely buy this product again and have already recommended to a few friends.

Crippled miniature Shetland

After 5-7 days our pony was kicking her heels up!! She was extremely sore & really depressed through pain, the supplement was very easy to administer & has given excellent results !! Highly recommend Cavalor Laminaid

Non greasy leaves a fab finish


I used Cavalor for the first time this year, with some help and guidance for the team at Cavalor Direct I tried a couple of bags of Vitamino.
It helped so much with a weak young horse I had in at the time, to help put muscle and top line on.
Will be using this again when bringing my young horses though, I have also tried it on an older horse what drops his muscle during the winter and he is looking great.

Seeing results!

I've been using Vitamino on a 5yo mare who tends to be on the slim side and has previously struggled to build up a good topline and pack on more muscle. Even in the short period since she started Vitamino her shape has started to change and she is beginning to bulk up. Definitely recommend this product and look forward to seeing how she develops over the coming weeks.

Early days but think my mare looking better. Easy product to use & no problem getting her to eat it

Cavalor dry feet

We are on clay soil and during wet winters my barefoot pony can suffer soft hooves and heel bulbs. I have used dry feet for two weeks and so far so good. I bring the pony in for an hour, clean his and dry his feet then spray it on.

Cavalier energy shot

Super quick delivery. Have not used as yet due to no outings but looking forward to first competition 🥰

Took a few weeks to take effect but my mare with the concentration of a meerkat has won 3 classes in the last few weeks. Still a little spooky at home but the best product I’ve tried by far. Wouldn’t use anything else now fab

Sozen came quickly and works well.calm pony and happy

Best muscle builder on the market

We had such amazing results with this in only a few weeks the horse built up so much. Withough putting fat on them.


This really works and we have had amazing results with this product

Brilliant on grey tail

We were struggling to keep our grey ponies mane and tail clean. A friend recommended this shampoo and it’s worked wonders. A little goes a long long way so it’s actually not that expensive. Used another Cheaper shampoo to get the worst of the dirt off then used this wash. Mane and tail really white. Impressive!

Fast delivery and easy to feed

It is early days yet, being only 2 weeks that my horse has been on this product. But it arrived quickly, securely packaged. The instructions are easy to follow and the feed itself is palatable (my horse is a very fussy eater). Looking forward to hopefully seeing an improvement in another couple of weeks as advised.