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Cavalor freebute gel

This product is amazing. My horse has weak hocks and struggles with his left rein canter however after using this product I can see a huge difference. He rarely disunites now in canter. It's a great product I'm so pleased. I want to try the syringes next. This comes with me everywhere.

Cavalor - Take it Easy

Helped keep my pony calm and focussed for his warm up and morning of his class at Horse of The Year Show.

Taj e it easy paste

Fantastic customer service. Unfortunately syringe product didn't, do much for my big ISH .Great product but my horse didn,t like the taste . I have friends who,s horses responded well and do like it. I,m currently daily dosing with your powder product which is taking the edge off him in competition environment.

Excellent service

Excellent service and customer care


Absolutely blown away with this product! The description doesn't do it justice!

Only calmer that’s worked for me so far!

Worked perfectly for my horse in a very buzzy evening performance and we came away with a 3rd place in strong competition! Thank you will definitely be using again 5*****

Worked wonders

Great service and had a fantastic effect on my boy

Derma Wash

Great product and very good service!


Really happy with Sozen, it has definitely helped my RoR to settle and see fewer monsters!

Brilliant product

It's the first time I've used Cavalor Flyless and it's more expensive then the normal fly spray I use and was fantastic until the bot flys arrived but now they have my horse was covered up his legs 😒


These syringes are wonderful! Great for horses suffering any ulcery type issues, I did the 10 day suggested course (I also feed the powder) and my horse was completely transformed. He’s now happy, content, forward & looking great. The gastro 8 range is a lifesaver!

Whitening Shampoo

Good product,
Smells fabulous,

Cavalor Artitec

This is a fantastic product. My horse has had rotation of the Pedal Bone, and this helped her recovery no end!

Cavalor Hoof Aid

Podoguard review

Fabulous stuff, I will be ordering some more!

Great product, really helpful

Super shampoo!

This shampoo works wonders on greys, one wash and their tails look like they've been bleached! It also adds a rich shine to darker coloured coats.

A must have product if you own a grey!


Fantastic products, and absolutely amazing kind, very helpful and extremely knowledgeable service


Only used twice, but so far with good results. turned my very hot headed mares brain down a notch and made a huge difference in her ride-ability . I am going to try more just to confirm that it wasn’t a coincidence.

Fantastic product

Absolutely delighted with SoZen- horse still spooky but now rideable and we finally had the confidence to leave the yard and introduce him to the big scary world. Many thanks

Great product

Easy to use and leaves mane and tail tangle free, soft and shiney

Great product fast delivery

Great product

A good product

My warm blood was suffering from a lot of congestion in his upper airways and coughing when we did any faster work. I am pleased to say that with the addition of Cavalor into his feed, and ensuring he has his evening hay on the ground, he is now not coughing and wheezing like an old man anymore!

Cavalor star shine

Excellent, smooth and silky mane and tail.

Muscle Forse

Great product for horses returning from a long rest, combined with ArtriMatrix horses feel fantastic and get fit much quicker