500 ml Cavalor Bianco Wash - Cavalor Direct
Cavalor Bianco Wash - Cavalor Direct

Cavalor Bianco Wash

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Product Description

A skin friendly gentle horse shampoo that removes stains. Produces an illuminating shine on coats of all colours.

Cavalor Bianco Wash Example From Cavalor Direct

The optical effect of silver or blue shampoo

So called Silver / Blue Shampoos are popular for washing grey horses. The purple or blue pigment reduces yellow shades.

This is just an optical illusion though, as they do not actually clean the coat as deeply and stubborn stains return.

Cavalor Bianco Wash has a deep cleaning action that removes persistent stains.

We don't rely on illusion!

Very Cost Effective

Because you use such a small amount of this shampoo you will find the bottle can last a very long time. Of course, if you are the kind of person that squirts half a bottle all over the place you will find this expensive!

On our yard we are able to wash at least 25 tails with a bottle. For socks, we use just a small squirt of around 10ml - should be good for around 50 socks.

For best effect remove as much of the actual dirt as possible - even quickly rinse with a regular shampoo such as Equiwash. The less "dirt" on the stain the more effective this product is and the less you will use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brilliant for anything white!!

I got a free sample of this at the BD Nationals and was so impressed I bought some. It works fantastically well on my horses white legs and the best bit is you don’t need to use a lot to get amazing results! Thoroughly recommend!

Whitening Shampoo

Good product,
Smells fabulous,

Super shampoo!

This shampoo works wonders on greys, one wash and their tails look like they've been bleached! It also adds a rich shine to darker coloured coats.

A must have product if you own a grey!

Cavalor Bianco Shampoo

I bought the shampoo to help bring our pony’s tail back to the gleaming white it was when we bought her!! Having tried the usual Fairy Platinum, Touch of Silver and other horse shampoos that promised results and didn’t deliver, I wasn’t over confident but have been very pleased with the results...it actually works. Plus it smells gorgeous! We also bought the spray which makes our pony’s coat gleam and we’ve had so many comments about it.