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Cavalor SoZen
Cavalor SoZen

Cavalor SoZen

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Please note that as Cavalor rebrands its products, the packaging you receive may not be the same as that shown. The product will be the same.

Product Description

When your horse is inexplicably spooky and you have tried everything else on the market, this is the product you will be thankful for! It just works whilst keeping the horses focus and sparkle.


Many sport horses perform below their ability because they are stressed and not able to focus on the competition. Stress, nervousness, panic, lack of concentration, are for a very complex problem. There is still no universal effective way of fully calming horses without using sedation (not allowed during competition!) while at the same time  their concentration to the maximum. 

By obtaining more insight in the complexity of the problem, Cavalor has managed to develop Cavalor Sozen. This is the first equine supplement that works on the Adrenaline - Cortisol balance. Cavalor found out that stress is caused by long periods of tension. Stress will dis balance the hormonal system, by producing too much Adrenaline and too little Cortisol. The more the adrenaline - cortisol balance is disturbed, the greater the impact of a tension moment will be.

Key Ingredients

Cavalor Sozen is a well-balanced herbal mixture of

  • Avena Sativa
  • Betula
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra
  • Passiflora
  • Allium sativa

It will reduce the impact on tension on the horse, which will create less stress into the horse.

Feeding Rate Information

Initial rate for a horse new to the product is 10 days at 30 grams per day (4 scoops).

It is quite normal for the horse to become more tense or reactive around day 4-5 in this initial course.

Follow up - our recommendation is to use the product at a rate of 15 grams (2 scoops) for 3 days prior to the event and during the event.

The rate is the same for any horse / pony.

If it is the case that you have been more than 3 months between courses we recommend you perform a loading course again. This time period can vary depending on the temperament of the horse. Some can last 4 months or more and some only a few weeks.

Maximum daily feeding rate - 60 grams

In our experience most horses react well to SoZen. If you require additional calming on the day of the event consider using in conjunction with Cavalor Take It Easy.


Yasmin Ingham endorses Cavalor SoZen - Cavalor Direct


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Really happy with Sozen, it has definitely helped my RoR to settle and see fewer monsters!

Fantastic product

Absolutely delighted with SoZen- horse still spooky but now rideable and we finally had the confidence to leave the yard and introduce him to the big scary world. Many thanks


Very good

Very Zen!

I have tried every calmer with no affect but Sozen is making a difference. We have gone from blind bolt/flight mode to giving things a good look but holding it together...not knocked out but definitely more manageable

Sozen works

I have been using Sozen on two mares for some time. One is a very good, but very hot Grand Prix horse and one a young horse. We find it helps the horses stay settled and work better without making them feel dopey. Sozen helps reduce the stress of travelling and competition for the Grand Prix horse.