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Cavalor Tradition Pellet

Ideal basic maintenance pellet for a fine quality horse ration

Cavalor Tradition Pellet

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  • No oats
  • Ideal for horses in light work and maintenance
  • Won't make the horse hot
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Did You Know

Cavalor Tradition Pellet is a feed mix for horses in light work and maintenance. Formulated without oats – won’t make the horse hot.


For a good intestinal flora. Florastimul is a prebiotic that is only used by benign bacteria and that promotes their development. Florastimul ensures a healthy intestinal flora.

How to use

For good nutrition, your horse needs roughage (spread out over several times a day) and a constant supply of fresh drinking water. This foundation can be supplemented with a balancer or concentrate feed as needed. And fine-tune your horse’s diet with supplements #feedasyouneed

Feeding recommendations for Cavalor Tradition Pellet:
We recommend a minimum of 400 g to maximum 600 g per 100 kg body weight per day. For a 600 kg horse this means a minimum of 2.4 kg and a maximum of 3.6 kg per day.

Divide the concentrate feed over several portions per day, preferably after feeding roughage.

Tip: not all feed scoops are the same size. Weigh the contents of your feed scoop so that you know exactly how much your horse is getting.


DE 11.1 MJ/kg
EWpa/kg 0.79 / kg
VREp % 10%
Crude protein 13 %
Crude fat 3 %
Crude fibre 11.5 %
Crude ash 7.5 %
Sugars 6 %
Starches 19 %
Starch/feed 190 g


Wheat middlings
Wheat gluten feed
Wheat bran
Spelt bran
Soya bean hulls (produced from genetically modified soya)
Sunflower seed feed
Maize gluten feed
Wheat feed
Beet molasses
Calcium carbonate
Sodium chloride
Soya oil

Customer Reviews

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miss Victoria Honer

My horses love their feed from cavolor

Elizabeth M Hughes
Super Feed

This is a great base product to meet all nutritional needs. Provides a base level energy which can be added to if necessary. My horse has never looked or felt better.