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Cavalor Strucomix Senior

High-fibre/protein mix for good health and nutrition

Cavalor Strucomix Senior

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  • With extra protein – rich in omega 3 & 6, minerals, and vitamins
  • Good absorption, easy to digest, contains pro- and prebiotics
  • Oat-free formula
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Did You Know

Cavalor Strucomix Senior is a high-fibre, high-structure mix without oats that’s tailored to the nutritional needs of older horses. Its extruded grains and high-quality proteins make it easy to chew and easy to digest. Proteins facility weight and muscle maintenance.

High in fibre and with pro- and prebiotics to support bowel function. Ideal for keeping your horse calm and in control. Contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins to support health and strengthen the immune system.


Crude fiber as an engine for the intestines. Crude fiber is the indispensable pacesetter for the intestines and allows for a gradual release of energy. The crude fiber in Fiber Plus comes from high quality sources of cellulose such as alfalfa stems, spelt and line fibers. Crude fibers also stimulate the production of vitamin B in the large intestine.

Active yeast for a smooth digestion. Live yeast cultures promote acid-using bacteria in the large intestine and stimulate a healthy gut flora. It thus ensures an optimal efficiency of the feed. Yeast Plus as ideal support of a smooth intestinal passage.

For optimal support of joints. Arti Pro is a unique supplement of organically bound trace elements such as copper, zinc and manganese, and ensures an ideal support for the joints, tendons, cartilage and skeleton. This is especially important for young horses, older horses, horses with heavy workloads and pregnant or lactating mares.

How to use

For good nutrition, your horse needs roughage (spread out over several times a day) and a constant supply of fresh drinking water. This foundation can be supplemented with a balancer or concentrate feed as needed. And fine-tune your horse’s diet with supplements #feedasyouneed

Feeding recommendations for Cavalor Strucomix Senior:
We recommend a minimum of 450 g and maximum 750 g per 100 kg body weight per day. For a 600 kg horse this means a minimum of 2.7 kg and a maximum of 4.5 kg per day.
Divide the concentrate feed over several portions per day, preferably after feeding roughage.

Tip: not all feed scoops are the same size. Weigh the contents of your feed scoop so that you know exactly how much your horse is getting.


DE 11.75 MJ/kg
EWpa/kg / kg
VREp % 9.6%
Crude protein 14 %
Crude fat 5 %
Crude fibre 11 %
Crude ash 8 %
Sugars 5 %
Starches 27 %
Starch/feed 315 g


Wheat middlings
Barley flakes
Linseed husks
Expanded maize
Wheat bran
Expanded wheat
Soya feed (produced from genetically modified soya)
Beet molasses
Alfalfa stems
Wheat gluten feed
Carrot chunks
Sunflower seed feed
Toasted soya beans
Spelt bran
Soya fibre
Soya oil
Calcium carbonate
Broken oil seeds
Soya bean hulls (produced from genetically modified soya)
Sodium chloride

Customer Reviews

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Julia McGeoch
First order

Terrific service and feed quality

Jade Cootes
Ace !

Use it with my 18yo Warmblood, he’s definitely improved and got back to his normal self on this feed - all the right stuff in the feed for his old self it’s great! Great price for great food - no supplements needed!