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Cavalor Samples

All Cavalor products are FEI & Jockey Club Legal

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Product Description

We recognise that some horses are fussy eaters.

We also recognise that in this case it is hard to spend hundreds of pounds on a product you can not return if the horse chooses not to eat it!

From our own stocks we offer you samples of the following products.

  • Arti Matrix
  • Muscle Fit
  • Gastro 8
  • So Zen
  • Bronchix Pure

50% of the cost of these is refunded if you go ahead and purchase the full product. Just drop us an email and we generate you a voucher code.

Please note that you may receive a sample in a plastic bag rather than a Cavalor Sachet. This will come from our own dedicated sample boxes so you can be sure this is pure and safe product.

The sample bags have 1 measure of contents.

We recommend you split this into two batches and mix well in the feed. Fussy eaters often take a couple of goes to get used to the taste and smell.

We do not offer all products, and some are very similar in taste and smell. For additional help please call us.

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