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Cavalor ProGrow

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Product Description

A complementary feed developed for foals, young horses and brood mares.

This item is available in Large Pack format and represents a cost saving of over 26% if purchased in a 20Kg bag. 


It is during these periods of life that a horse needs more high-quality proteins, minerals and vitamins. CAVALOR PROGROW is indispensable for good growth and a strong osseous system for young horses. Cavalor ProGrow can be used as a Ration Balancer for foals, young horses and breed mares.

Key Ingredients

  • Vitamins: to support bones, growth, cell growth, metabolism, stress reactions, ...
  • Minerals: (calcium,phosphate and magnesium): essential for good bone formation.
  • Organic trace elements: important for strong bones and skeletal formation, prevention of swollen joints and articular diseases. Ferrous chelate of amino acids, hydrate - iron  600 mg. Manganese - Manganous chelate of amino acids, hydrate  3b510 1500 mg. Organic form of selenium produced by S. cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 - selenium 2,9 mg
  • Contains Natural Vitamin D3: plays an important role in the calcium metabolism
  • Amino acids: Essential for the formation of proteins with high biological value. These are very important for optimal growth.
  • Fatty acids: To improve the horse’s condition.

Feeding Rate Information

Rate (Foals | Young Horses | Mares) 100 g | 150 g | 200 g per day
Pack Size 5 Kg
Pack Lasts  ( Foals | Young Horses | Mares) 50 | 33 | 25 days
Max Daily Rate 200 g | 300 g | 400 g per day


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