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Cavalor LaminAid

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For Happy Hooves

Cavalor LaminAid is recommended for happy hooves

Recommended Use

Cavalor LaminAid works at various different levels in the body to help keep hooves happy.

It supports the sensitive intestinal flora and also helps to support blood circulation and thus blood flow in the hoof.

Product Properties - Key Ingredients

Cavalor LaminAid is a unique, balanced combination of several essential oils including Eucalyptus globulus, Allium sativum and Betula alba. Each oil is characterised by a specific structure, composition and effect. When incorporated into a blend, they complement each other and have a synergistic and highly useful effect.

Although the science of essential oils is still in its infancy, such oils are gaining increasing attention in human and veterinary fields for their powerful properties. The scope of application of essential oils is very broad. For example, tea tree is often used in disinfectants. Furthermore, clinical studies have been undertaken looking at the impact of specific components in essential oils.

There is scientific evidence that, for example, garlic, ginger, lavender and mint extracts have a useful function.

Despite the often positive results, the underlying physiological mechanisms by which the essential oils exert their effect are still largely unknown. It is known of some essential oils that certain constituents such as monoterpenes and phenolic compounds also may have useful supporting roles in the body.


How does it work?

The approach is fairly simple and amongst other effects... 

  • Antioxidant. Contains components such as alkaloids, flavonoids and phenols (carvacrol, carvone, caryophyllene limonene, cineole and thymol). These chemical components are powerful free radical scavengers.
  • Supports metabolism. Has a positive effect on fat metabolism
  • Support Circulation
  • Support lymphatic function. Again to support circulation
  • Tissues. Essential oils known for their ability to assist the horse create a healthy environment to flourish

Successful Field Trials

Successful field trials of this product were carried out before launch.

Optimal Results

Feed 2 x 50ml on day 1 and then 2 x 20ml per day until day 30. For prolonged use feed 2 x 10ml daily

Cavalor PodoSens is a hoof oil that has been designed to compliment Laminaid. COMBI packs include a 500ml bottle of that a discount

Cavalor SoleMate Liq contains some essential oils that are also present in LaminAid, including Betula alba and Eucalyptus globulus. Applying the oil twice a day to the hoof and/or the sole of the hoof helps sensitive hooves. Betula alba - for elasticity of the hoof and hoof growth. 

Feeding Rate

Feed 2 x 50ml on day 1 and then 2 x 20ml per day until day 30. For prolonged use feed 2 x 10ml daily. You should syringe the liquid directly into the horses mouth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Chloe Sadler
Pony suffers with Laminitis and has EMS

Since starting laminaid Henry has returned to 8 hrs turnout and now is back in just normal shoes. Very happy

Claire Doxey

Excellent product, can't believe the difference in such a short time

Rachel Gilbert
It works!

I decided to try laminaid after my laminitic pony started to go footy despite strict grazing, feed, weight and exercise management. I had seen the product a few months before. Within 3 days I could see that she was improving. I plan to keep her on the maintenance dose for now and wish that I had seen laminaid 2 years ago when she foundered. I am also using the Podosens oil which is lovely!


Great communication with order, speedy delivery. Love the oil and surprisingly easy to syringe the Shetland! Seems to be doing very well on it and will definitely continue going forward.
Little Betty will be back to pony club in no time! Thank you

Mrs EK Richardson
Cavalor Laminaid

Absolutely delighted with the product it does what it says on the tin. My miniature is comfortable on her feet now and back out with her mates in the paddock