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Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste

For Ultimate Stomach Management

Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste

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  • A paste that creates a healthy environment in the stomach by neutralising stomach acid
  • Can be administered directly into the mouth
  • Also available as powder and liquid: Gastro Aid and Gastro Aid Liq
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Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste - Cavalor Direct
Box of 6 Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste - Cavalor Direct
Cavalor Gastro Aid Paste

More about this product

Cavalor Gastro Aid creates a healthy environment in the stomach by neutralising gastric acid and protecting the stomach wall. A horse’s stomach produces acid continuously, making it very susceptible to developing wounds or sores.

The herbs in Cavalor Gastro Aid help to protect the stomach wall against excess acid. They provide extra support for the stomach by stimulating saliva production and promoting the healing of ulcers.

Did You Know

A horse’s stomach is constantly producing acid. When the stomach is empty, this acid will irritate the stomach wall, causing sores or ulcers. There are several ways to protect the stomach from the effects of excess acid.

Ideally, the horse should have hay available ad libitum, as the fibre in hay creates a protective fibrous coating in the stomach which absorbs acid and prevents it from attacking the stomach lining.

In addition, the horse’s feed should be low in sugar and starch. Sugar and starch increase acid production. Feed management is essential to preventing stomach ulcers, but once ulcers are diagnosed, they are more likely to recur.

It is therefore recommended that horses prone to stomach ulcers receive daily support.

How to use

Once the horse has recovered and is eating better, you can switch from the paste to the powder or liquid version.

The liquid and powder versions can also be used as daily preventive measures for horses prone to stomach ulcers. Unlike omeprazole, it does not shut down stomach acid production, but works to protect the stomach from acid damage.

Recommended use of Gastro Aid Paste: Administer 2 syringes (120 g) per day over 6 days, followed by 1 syringe (60 g) per day over 6 days.


Cavalor Gastro Aid contains herbs and yeast cultures that protect the stomach wall and help to neutralise stomach acid, keeping it from attacking the stomach wall. Cavalor Gastro Aid also speeds up the healing process when damage to the stomach wall has already occurred.

More information about this product can be found in the product data sheet. You can download this data sheet by clicking on “specifications”

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Emma Woolliscroft

My horse was showing signs of ulcers but due to already having them treated in the past (prior to me having him) he was not insured to have them investigated. He was very unhappy in his work, very stressed and wasn’t keeping condition on. I decided to give the Cavalor Gastro Aid paste a go and wow! Within 2 days of him being on the paste he was back to his old self! He’s now finished his 2 week course of the paste and has started on the maintenance supplements. Fantastic product. Makes me wonder why people spend thousands going down the vet route! Thank you Cavalor!


I think this made my horse more comfortable but he really didn't like the taste!

Lindsay McCallum
Impressive difference!

A really effective product which supported a talented, but very sensitive young thoroughbred through a complete change of lifestyle - having come out of racing pretty unhappy! He has already won his first BD tests and looking every inch an event horse in the making in his jump schooling.

Rea Shepherd
Miracle feed!

Absolutely blown away by the improvement in my mare in such a short time! After a prolonged illness and intense steroid prescription I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep weight on her.
Started using Cavalor four weeks ago and the improvement is incredible. Gem is brighter and happier, and continues to improve. All of her blood results have improved- highly recommend. Gem is no longer all tucked up and is much more comfortable.

Jessica Maddocks
It works!

Really helped with my OTTB become untucked and less girthy. She didn't have serious problems so I used 3 boxes with 1 syringe a day then moved onto the gastro aid powder. Still going well