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Cavalor Gastro Aid

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For Ultimate Stomach Management

Cavalor Gastro Aid encourages a healthy environment in the stomach and thus healthy stomach acidity and a healthy digestive system.

The "go to" product of choice. Provides all the necessary nutritional tools..

Recommended Use

In the equine stomach, stomach acid is produced 24/7. 

Use Cavalor Digest Aid daily.

Product Properties - Key Ingredients 


  • Yeast cultures: aid in feed absorption and the digestibility of feed materials.
  • Gentiana Lutea:  production of saliva.
  • Melissa officinalis: for the stomach wall.
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra 
  • Zingiber officinale
  • Centaurium erythraea:  production of saliva.
  • Mastica: has a positive effect on the stomach.

Instructions For Use


For detailed instructions on its use please call us.

For maximum effect you should double the duration of the paste - so 2 tubes daily for 14 days and 1 tube daily for 14 days.

During the last 3 days of paste you should introduce the powder or liquid.

For more information and a specific programme please contact us.

Gastro Aid Powder

Rate  30 g per day
Pack Size 1800 g
Pack Lasts   60 days
Max Rate 100 g per day
Duration at least 4-6 weeks

Gastro Aid Paste


Day 1-7 : 2 tubes per day
Day 8-14 : 1 tube per day 

Pack Size 60 g

Once the desired effect is obtained and you can see a difference then you can switch from the paste to either the Liq or Powder form. 

The liquid and powder forms are also used daily.

Gastro Aid Liq

Rate  60 ml per day
Pack Size 2000 ml
Pack Lasts   33 days
Max Rate 100 ml per day
Product PDF Available

Product Data Sheet

Click HERE to download the latest product data sheet on Cavalor Gastro Aid

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
georgie guest
Super product!

Absolutely love this product! I have two horses on the yard on this and has helped massively!

Jen Freeman
Very good

Really helped my horse . He’s a lot more settled to girth


Brilliant! This really does work! Since using it my horse is so much happier/healthier

Rachel T
Thumbs Up

Very pleased with this product, my horse was starting to demonstrate his ulcer symptoms and covid restrictions meant I was unable to get hold of his usual stuff. After a bit of searching I stumbled onto this product, after the first week he was starting to return to his usual self, 3wks on and the improvements are continuing. It is expensive, but, has turned out to be worth every penny so far......

HJ Mackinnon
Thank you

Could not have had a better service thank you...product exactly as expected and very efficient delivery...thank you...will definitely use again..